Such a handsome couple. But boy, my parents used to do some silly ass things to save money.


One thing that drove me crazy, and they did this for DECADES, was no paper towels.



Now, I know...better for the environment and all - but that's not why they did it. They did it because they were saving money. My ultimate problem with this is that they would use dishtowels to clean every little spill. Including raw chicken juice. How they escaped their entire lives without a case of raging salmonella I will never know!

Also, my dad didn't like the expensive gardening tools sold at the store and ALWAYS thought he could make them better. My favorite was the homemade rake he made. Yes. A 2x4 with nails pounded in it.


It didn't work. The rake pictured would have worked just fine. But it was like ten dollars.


My uncle used to drive fast and then coast to save on gas. I have no idea if it worked, but I have to say I used to pop it in neutral an awful lot when I first started driving. 

That is NOT my uncle. But might as well be as he had the same look on his face when he saved 'all that money'.

Now that's ridiculous, but I bet you have stuff your parents did that beats that hands down! Come on...fess up!