Movie Mom reviewed the two new releases! 'Jersey Boys' and 'Think Like a Man Too'

Here's Movie Mom's best quote about 'Jersey Boys'.

"I love the Four Seasons. I loved the play 'Jersey Boys' and I pretty much enjoyed the movie 'Jersey Boys'."

With director Clint Eastwood, it was a long movie according to Movie Mom..almost 2 and a half hours! But her love off the music of the Four Seasons made it overall a good movie.

Then the sequel 'Think Like a Man Too' was cute, but nothing to race out and watch.In fact, the thing that Movie Mom thought it had too much of was Kevin Hart. Mmmmm...a movie with too much Hart. (insert rim shot here!)

In fact, Movie Mom got a tad off topic and said that the best thing Kevin Hart has done was ride a roller coaster with Jimmy Fallon. Enjoy.

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