'Tammy' is the movie I was excited about because of the hysterical Melissa McCarthy. You won't believe what Movie Mom said!

She hated it! Thought it was a total waste and wasn't even sure if she could recommend it for rental! Oh man! That was harsh to hear.

Then she talked about the 'E.T.' 'Goonies' rip off 'Earth to Echo'. She liked the story, thought it was cute but had this warning to parents: It's shot by the kids in the movie, sort of their perspective...and that could make for a nauseating movie for grown ups and a cool movie for tweens.

Then she enjoyed the date movie 'Begin Again' with  Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo. Loved the music, enjoyed the story and she really likes Keira and Mark. Adam Levine and C Lo are in the movie! It's kind of a remake of 'Once' with the same director.

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