I was wasting time and reading some of the things I wrote about in 2016....and I picked the 5 things that happened this past year that made me smile the most. 

What Happened When We Crossed Into Canada


Everybody always asks about when I took 4 listeners to Canada because Trump was elected. I always say the same thing...I'm amazed 4 total strangers showed up to let me drive them to Canada. It was amazing. We knew it was gonna be great when we crossed into Canada.


We Made the Credits for the Naomi Watts Movie ‘Shut-In’


The most exciting thing ever was to actually be credited in a major motion picture! With Naomi Watts. Unfortunately, it was probably the worst movie ever made. Don't care. My name was on the big screen!


The Video That STILL Cracks Me Up!


I know it's ridiculous. I think that's why I love this so much. Welcome to the best laugh I had all year!


Senator Susan Collins Eats Corn Wrong


When Senator Susan Collins came to a lobster bake on our deck, sure we talked politics - but we also talked corn on the cob. She eats corn...in...circles!!  Wha?


Finding a Video I Made in 1994!


Back in 1994, I had longer hair and was just on the radio for one year. That's when I was asked to make a video for some type of winterizing foam with my radio partner Willy Ritch. We would play a married couple. Well...sign me up! Yes...those are shoulder pads...and yes...that IS lipstick....oh my.


I'm looking forward to 2017. I don't think I'll be in a movie or go to Canada...but something crazy has to happen.....