Does your dog manage to destroy every cute stuffed toy you toss her way? It doesn't matter what kind of toy I give Eloise and Lou Lou, no matter the promise of toughness, my two 20-pound fluffheads manage to rip out it's guts and spread them around my place. When I nearly lost all hope, I discovered the Planet Dog Orbee toy.

The rubber, mint-flavored line of toys comes in a range of adorable shapes from a simple bone to a lobster bouy and even a variety of produce.

I gave Eloise and Lou their strawberry and eggplant Orbees after a challenging, anxious vet visit. As soon as then got these things in their paws, it was like Christmas morning. Queen

Three days in and so far my girls haven't destroyed the toys and they're still obsessed with their rubber produce. Lou Lou has figured out how to play fetch with herself by tossing the eggplant into the air and chasing after it as it bounces down the hall. My apologizes to my downstairs neighbors for the extra stomping around.

Pick up your Orbees at Planet Dog on Marginal Way in Portland. They're adorable and your dogs will love them. Better yet? They're made in the U.S.A.