You've seen the survey floating around Facebook with hashtag #FirstSevenJobs, right? If you want to get to know me a little better (and see what I looked like at 14 years old with my natural hair color) I've decided to pull back the curtain and reveal what I've done for work since I was a teen.

1. Deli Chef & Cashier at My Parent's Store

It's not open anymore (we'll blame the tough economic times of the mid-2000s and not my tendency to give free pizza away to my friends) but when it was, my parents put me to work at their deli before I was even legal to work at any other job. Apparently, a family business isn't subject to labor laws, so I was scrubbing grease of the fry-o-later and counting change at the young age of 14. Here I am, performing a dramatic reenactment of using the cash register, with my super long, natural brunette hair.

2. Dairy Queen

I lasted all of 3 months at Dairy Queen. Working at Dairy Queen was a rite of passage in my hometown. Nearly everyone at my high school worked there at one point. It wasn't for me and my parents only made me get the job so I could put gas in my car to get to theatre rehearsal.

3. Waitress at Cafe de Bangkok

As you can see, I went blonde around the same time I worked at Cafe De Bangkok. I only worked a few shifts a week but waiting tables was my favorite job of my teens. I made lots of cash fast, got to interact with people, and ate free Thai food all the time.

4. Receptionist at the UMaine Tutor Program

Peter Bernik

I wasn't very interested in my first work study job at UMaine. Being a receptionist required too much sitting around and time in front of a computer organizing files that I really didn't care about. I don't have any photos of myself doing the job but I'm sure I could've looked like this at some point during my short career there.

5. Technical Crew at Collins Center for the Arts

I worked at the Collins Center for the Arts all four years of college at UMaine. This was easily one of the most challenging jobs for me because I was constantly out of my element, but I gained incredible confidence and pride on the technical crew. We worked long days (I'm talking 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. in the dead of winter) but we put up and tore down massive touring shows. Every day was different. My boss, Scott Stitham, taught me some valuable lessons in being tough, kicking ass, and never letting anyone underestimate me for a physically demanding job just because I'm a girl. Loved that job and the people I worked with there.

6. Young & Free Maine Spokester

I was given a car, a camera, and a laptop and the freedom to create engaging content online to educate 18 to 25 year olds in Maine about financial fitness. This job landed me tons of opportunities and I got a cool ride for a year.

7. Nabisco 1D VIP Tour Correspondent

This job is exactly what they were talking about when they coined the term "Once in a Lifetime Opportunity". For about 4 months, I went on the road with the world's largest boy band, shooting videos, meeting fans, and blogging about my favorite Nabisco snacks. I was on a plane all the time, hardly sleeping, but having the most incredible summer of my life. It's been three years since my summer with 1D, but I still have to pinch myself when I look back on my time as the 1D VIP Tour Correspondent.

Since then, I've been a Director of Corporate Video & Digital Media for a financial services company and of course, now I'm on-air as 1/3 of The Q Morning Show with Lori and Jeff. I've had some pretty stellar jobs...Now it's your turn!

What were your #FirstSevenJobs?