If you don't know the name Marc E. Bassy, you're about to get familiar. And you know what? You may know him and not even realize it. Marc E. Bassy has been writing for some of your favorite Q artists like Chris Brown, Sean Kingston, Charlie Puth, G-Eazy and more, and now he's gracing our ears with his own solo project.

Bassy's solo EP "Funky People" is out now and you're gonna wanna snag that and get those songs spinning. I had the pleasure of chatting with him in the Q studios last week (the same day Donald Trump was campaigning in Portland -- coincidence?) and we talked about tacos, touring, and why he's so proud of his new EP.

Marc E. Bassy

Sounds Like: Charlie Puth, Travie McCoy, G-Eazy

Music for: Sunset cruise to the beach, chill night at home,

Songs to Download: You & Me, Morning

Kylie’s Favorite Lyric:

And in the shadows there's a place for us
Somewhere hidden they can't find our love
Don't let 'em know

- Marc E. Bassy 'You & Me'