Why does it seem like when it snows or rains, everyone else's (but mine) rational driving skills go out the window?  Thought I'd share a few expert tips on how to drive more confidently in the nasty New England weather.

I'm no certified expert, but I've managed to successfully navigate many nasty northeast winters.   I cannot be the only one thinking that everyone around me has NO idea how to drive!  If you really don't know what the hell you're doing and genuinely panic when you drive in the snow or nasty conditions, I have some sympathy for you, for now.

Top 2:

  1. 4-Wheel drive does not make you invincible!
  2. Be preparred (have your car winterized)

Big thing to remember is don't panic. In fact, don't do much different than usual when you drive except SLOW DOWN and leave extra space between you and the cars ahead, especially mine!  Here's to a skid free snow season.  Mike