Parking in the fire lane in front of stores has become all too commonplace today. All the lines painted on the pavement and signs posted just won't stop people from parking where they aren't supposed to.

One store has now done something to try to make the point even clearer that you aren't allowed to park your car in the fire lane.

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Hannaford on Forest Avenue has placed these signs in the fire lane itself to not only let you know you can't park there, but even go so far as to make it difficult to do. No one can say they didn't see the sign or didn't know and parking there now.

The signs are spaced just far enough to make it so that you would have to parallel park to get between them and based on some of the parallel parking we've seen, most drivers would save time by parking in an actual spot.

Some people feel justified to park there because they're only going in for a minute, but these lanes need to remain clear for emergency vehicles and hopefully this will help.

There are some who are beyond help. We'll leave this one right here.

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