What's going on?

Lori Juggles in Slow Motion
Lori promised to juggle pink Thermos containers of Oxford Casino chowder if someone donated $50. Brian Newcomb pledged the cash and Lori delivered the chowder juggle.
Colin and Brad at Merrill
Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood from "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" are bringing their "Two Man Group" show to Portland. We are getting prepared to laugh. You should too.
Kylie Joins The Q Morning Show
Everyone at Q97.9 is extremely excited to welcome Kylie Queen as the new co-host on the Q Morning Show. We couldn't be happier. But who the heck is Kylie Queen?
You Got to See This...
Gorham Middle School put together this incredible video called Got Buckets. This was featured yesterday at their school-wide film festival where it was standing room only! You have to watch and share. All real, no editing tricks. You won't believe your eyes!