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You Can Cuddle With Bunnies In Westbrook This Weekend
Thanks to the 4H Rabbiteers you'll be able to cuddle with cute little fuzzy bunnies for a couple hours Sunday afternoon. They'll also be on hand to answer any bunny questions you may have and some of the bunnies will be available for adoption if you should fall in love with one, or 2.
Woman Finds 2 Dead Squirrels In Toilet At South Portland Home
Imagine coming home from a weekend away, you set your bags down and go to the bathroom after a bit of a drive. Ready to relieve yourself you look at the toilet and see something's not right. What is that in there? Is that....is that a squirrel? A dead squirrel in my toilet?
The Old Port Culinary Walking Tours Return For October
The tours begins at 10:30am daily, your tour guide will tell you about Portland's points of interest and talk about the history as they lead you around the Old Port making 5 or 6 stops along the way so you can meet the chefs and learn about their personalized creations, the inspiration behind t…
Fake Craigslist Ad Leads to Looting Man's Property in Greene
People were grabbing anything and everything, tools, rare items, bushes, fruit trees, pallets of roofing supplies, generators...anything they could get their hands on. They even broke into his building and pretty much cleaned him out.