Diane Mitchell's friend, Mandi, recently had a medical emergency. Diane from Yarmouth says that she has been hooked up to a ventilator for two weeks and has been unconscious for that time. She has four children ranging in age from teenagers to one daugther who is 21. They need help paying their rent, paying for food and paying for medical bills for their Mom. Mandi and her children are a close-knit family. These children deserve to be able to stay in their home. The love in this family is beyond words. They have all suffered enough pain in their lives. Mandi is the type of person who everyone says is their best friend. Her contagious smile and outgoing personality make her a rare find. She works at a local preschool and I know her students, families and co-workers miss her immenselely.

Diane wasn't sure how to help and has created a fundraising page. If you can help this family, it would be very appreciated.