For the past few years, I have been lucky enough to be a judge at the Eat the Heat Chili Cookoff. I'll be there again for their 25th year! Would love to see you on Sunday March 22nd for the 25th annual Eat the Heat Chili Cookoff & Firefighters' Race. 

First of all, I am not what you would call a skier, but went to Sunday River a couple of weeks ago and had an absolute blast!

It worked out perfectly. The kids were in the Perfect Turn ski school all day, and Jen and I also got a lesson! Thank God! I needed it! I learned to ski as an adult, and let me tell you - teaching an adult is WAY harder than teaching a kid.

But I decided that instead of bitching about all the snow, I'd go play in it. Sunday River is right when they say they are your 'Happy Place'. Their instructors are sooooo good! The number of people learning to ski at Sunday River doubled this year and they expect next year to be just a great with a whole package for only 29 bucks!

The weather was amazing. Not too cold and it was packed! Look at all the happy people.

That's South Ridge. Even though it was packed, I NEVER waited more than 60 seconds to get on the lift..the line was constantly moving!

South Ridge is also where the Chili Cookoff will be. Did I mention there is a chili dog eating contest too? I shall not be participating in that sucker.

My favorite part of skiing was going down a trail called the 'Dream Maker'. It says it's green (easy) but it felt like a blue (harder). But not only did I do it, I didn't even fall!

This was the top of 'Dream Maker' (just off lift 6...look, I'm such an expert!)

I'm still a wuss about the cold. So, I'm grateful for spring skiing. Sunday River is doing it up with all sorts of spring concerts, BBQ's and still great skiing. Thanks Mother Nature for setting us up to ski into May!

Would love to see you up at Sunday River to support the 25th annual Eat the Heat Chili Cookoff & Firefighters' Race. I'll be there judging. My favorite thing to do (they told me I couldn't bring my gavel). That's coming up on Sunday March 22nd. If you do go, please stop by and say hi!