We have been to Story Land and every time, it's a new adventure! On my last trip, I went on some rides I had never done before...


Including the Bamboo Chute! That's a look I'm hoping not to repeat in public.



I was just faking it for the camera..ya know, to make the kids feel better. No...I wasn't scared. More scarred as Alden (in front of me) whipped his head backwards and bashed into my nose. All was well and no broken bones.

Then there was the Roar-O-Saurus. It's the only wooden roller coaster of it's kind in Northern New England. Okay...if I survived the Bamboo thingy, sure...why not. This picture is why not!


The best part of this trip to Story Land was that I got to experience it through a 4-year-old who had never been. Audrey had a blast! Everything was so exciting for her, and that just made it exciting for everyone!

Check out getting pelted by foam balls in the Loopy Lab! (that's one of my favorites)

Oh...it's in slow motion too!



Here's my day with 5 kids ages 4-12 at Story Land in Glenn, NH.


Needless to say, we opened the place and closed the place down! If you haven't been to Story Land, they are open 7 days a week 930 am - 6 pm. You can have just as much fun!! Listen to win your tickets on the Q Morning Show Monday 7/9 through Friday 7/13! If you've never been, you'll love it and if you have been - then you know you want these 4 packs!