We stopped into Trader Joe's to pick up some essentials (like their amazing brown rice and quinoa pasta) when we stumbled upon what looked like the perfect late night snack.

At the end of the freezer aisle was a full case of these delicious frozen mac and cheese dishes. These aren't your standard mac and cheese. They're even more adventurous than bacon mac and cheese or buffalo chicken mac and cheese. Trader Joe's has created pepperoni pizza mac and cheese. 


Anyone who knows me and my eating habits would say this is way out my normal culinary decisions. But we didn't hesitate for even a second. Two boxes were tossed into our basket alongside the gluten free pasta and avocados.

I haven't indulged in this magnificent creation yet, but I get super excited every time I open the freezer and see the black boxes staring back at me. I'm not much of an impulse shopper, but I'm so glad I ignored the voice in my head and brought these babies home.


In terms of impulse buys, pepperoni pizza mac and cheese isn't the most shocking of purchases. I'm sure you can beat me. So what's the last thing you impulse bought?