Wells, Maine rapper Spose seems to step his game up every day. As he prepared to embark on another tour to share his music with the masses, he took a break to record, produce and released a new music video. All in a day's work, right? It is for Spose. Click here to see the story and the video. 

Last night Spose went on his Facebook page and posted this:

So I shot a music video today.

I'll release it whenever this beautiful picture of my tour dates with Jesus riding a unicorn on it gets 500 likes on Facebook. So if that takes a month, I'll put the video out next month. If it takes 10 minutes I'll put the video out in 10 minutes. The power is yours internet!!!

Needless to say, the photo had well over 500 likes in no time. Less than hour. Let there be no doubts, Spose knows what he's doing when it comes to making music, creating a brand AND promoting it. Here's the video.