According to the top 5 stress relievers did NOT include stacking wood.  I find this to be simply wrong.

This past weekend I stacked wood for hours.  I blew my nose approximately 432 times, and loved every minute of it.  You can't tell from my picture, but that's three rows deep and about 6 feet high.  Ahhhh, feel the stress leave?

What?  You don't have wood to stack?  Not a problem, leave your number and when the two cords come next year I can help you relieve your stress.

Oh, and officially? Here ARE the top 5 stress relievers...but again, I think it's bogus.

  • Take your vitamins (oooookay)
  • Listen to music during your routine activities (okay, I'll give them this one)
  • Practice breathing exercises (panting doesn't count)
  • Learn to say no (no!)
  • Develop a positive attitude (thanks Capt Obvious)

I feel better making fun of that survey.