Gas prices

Could Gas Drop Below $2 in Maine?
Gas prices continue to plummet across the country and they recently dropped below $3 per gallon for the first time in Maine in almost four years. If you're like me you keep wondering where it will end. Could we actually go below $2 per gallon? Experts say it could happen in some places.
Good News: Gas Prices are Falling and Here’s Why
I was certainly not complaining when I filled by tank yesterday for $3.12 at the Cumberland Farms in Norway. That's with a 10 cent discount that they offer with membership, but it's still a significant drop in recent weeks. It got me wondering why there's a sudden drop in gas prices w…
Gas Prices Sizzle with Summer Heat
When we last looked at soaring gas prices around Memorial Day Weekend, they were a whopping $3.64 per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline. Now the average price of gas in Maine is $3.74, according to WMTW.
The Portland television news station reported Monday that gas prices in Maine have increased by…