Listener Tricks to Get Kids to Eat!
I was so proud of myself for tricking the kids into eating healthier tacos! I was so proud, I wanted to immediately tell them how I tricked them. Obviously, that would be stupid. So instead, I told you and asked for ways you trick your kids.
Weird Things You Ate as a Kid [PICTURES]
I ate Milk-Bone dog biscuits as a kid. Found out I am not alone! So many people ate those as kids, it's making me want to give it another try as an adult! Milk-Bone is the least weirdest thing eaten! Check out these weirdo things eaten as kids!
Kid Bids Big Bucks for Xbox on eBay and Gets Caught [VIDEO]
Little Nathan decides to bid on a cool new game console on eBay without permission, or without any of his own income to back it up. He thinks he's bidding $75.00 but he forgets the decimal and suddenly little Nathan is on the hook for $7500. Should the parents have to pony up the cash for his m…

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