Just when you thought you'd seen every ice cream flavor or variation; here comes Ben & Jerry's with something that will blow your mind. Or how bout when you go to the store for ice cream, can't decide on a flavor, so you buy 2, or more! Well, this might solve your dilemma.
I can give up most sweets, but ice cream, no way! I'm hardly partial to any flavor either. I like them all!  (Not so much the fruity stuff like black raspberry, but I don't judge). One thing I am, is indecisive, and I always have a hard time choosing a flavor. I stand there, staring at the freezers trying to make up my mind. How do the people at Ben & Jerry's get inside my head?!? They've created these new "Cores" that basically have 2 flavors in the same pint, divided by another delicious treat.

Read this story for more. I'll see you in the freezer section!