On day 17 of a 40 day tour Spose was robbed! His rented tour bus was broken into at lunchtime in St. Louis during a quick stop to get a sandwich.

The Spose Army set up a GoFundMe account to help raise money to replace some of the things stolen not just from him, but everyone on tour with him - Jay Caron, Channing Day and Chadd Willner. Everyone lost everything.

So far in under two days, they have raised almost 14,000 dollars to help replace some clothes, phones, iPads and equipment used to make his music.

What can't be replaced are the video's of his kids. Those are gone forever and taken by strangers. He also lost all the music he's been working on for two years for upcoming albums.

Spose is a decent man who is very talented and not stopping the tour. He is currently using his cell phone while on stage. If you can and want to help - I know he would be forever grateful...and so would Jay, Channing and Chadd.