I went to Hannaford yesterday to do shopping for the rest of the month and picked up all the necessities, including a loaf of bread, but when I got home with it I did a double take when I took a closer look at it.

Hannaford split-top wheat. It's our go-to bread for sandwiches and morning toast. I always keep an eye on the "BEST IF USED BY" date. If that bread is still around come that date, out it goes because I have a paranoia about biting into a moldy piece of bread. When I looked at the date, this is what I saw.


So there are several theories here.

  • It's a laughable misprint
  • Since March 32nd would actually be April 1st, this is an epic Hannaford April Fool's joke.
  • This is super bread that never goes bad because March 32nd never comes.

I posted the picture on my Facebook page and some people had a few more theories.

Now I have a bigger problem. Do I throw it out on the March 31 or April 1? Screw it, II'll eat the whole damn loaf by the 31st myself if I have to. Pass the butter.