People who meet us in person that are fans of The Q Morning Show often ask us, "Are you guys the same off-air as you are when you're doing the show?" Just one look at these emails and texts to each other (the ones we can actually show you) should prove that we're EXACTLY the same personalities you hear on the radio.

Lori and Kylie have their names on these texts on the left and my responses are on the right, but it's pretty easy to figure out who is who without the names.


Example #1: This text from Kylie to me and Lori when she was afraid of catching my cold. She included the animated GIF of Jim Carey playing the middle finger trombone aimed right at me.


Followed with the Seinfeld "No Soup For You" GIF.



Example #2: The text from Kylie to me and Lori when she was trying to find the peanut butter Easter eggs I like so much.


She found them two weeks later...


Example #3: When Lori texts me and Kylie to tell us that I needed to be fitted for a tux.


Example #4: When Lori texted me about my thoughts for where to hide Florida Georgia Line tickets we were giving away.


Example #5: The time I asked Lori to send me a test email so I could hear my new email notification.

The show never ends for us. Never.