Portland's historic buildings are seeing new life as house flippers, developers, and homeowners come through with their keen eye and give them an updated look. Some spaces, like the one at 127 Cumberland Avenue, see a full transformation from a store front space of the past to an urban street level condo.

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The condo juts out from the larger house beside it. The original brick facade looks relatively similar to the 1924 tax record photo above. You can see the major changes when you get closer to the image.


Where the new replacement windows are now used to be a storefront with letters painted on the windows telling of their goods for sale. It's hard to see, but the window reads "J.E. Devine Fruit Confectionary". The front window says Daily and Sunday Papers.


Where the shelves of fruit confectionaries could've stood are now fresh white cabinets and granite countertops. The space is small (only 580ish square feet) but the perfect city dwelling for someone who loves history and living walking distance to all of Portland's amenities.