I can tell you the year was 1996. 20 years ago. We were both much younger and both much thinner....


Alec Baldwin came to Maine in 1996 to help promote the Maine Clean Election Act, to try and keep money out of elections...blah, blah, blah.


I was on, uh, another radio station. It was Saturday and I came to the studio alone to interview him. I was sweating like a Mexican at a Trump rally. I was so nervous I couldn't stand it.

I remember that voice of his. I had just seen 'Prelude to a Kiss' and Alec was on fire. He couldn't have been nicer. He was still married (to Kim Bassinger) and I was still gay. But for a minute, I woulda run away with him.

He had just wrapped up filming the movie 'The Edge' with Anthony Hopkins. I'm glad it hadn't come out with. It was a stinker.

I must have been excited...I wore earrings! Or are those hula hoops? That's my big famous encounter...what's yours?