Last year I hit this pothole after dark and lost a tire and rim needing hundreds of dollars of work done on my brand new car. I didn't think roads could be this bad....until this year. I traveled from Naples to Mechanic Falls on Route 11 over the weekend and it was the worst condition of any road I've driven in my 25 years of driving. I was navigating around potholes like avoiding a mine field.

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Culverts had sunk causing dips in the road that would bottom your car out unless you crawled over them if you could even see them coming in the first place. The bumps were so bad that my girlfriend was car sick and almost lost it.

I know it's been a rough winter, but this is just ridiculous. I'm surprised I didn't see mufflers littering the shoulders like road kill.

What's the worst road you've driven in Maine this season?