We are speechless about what Girl Scout Troop 1504 has done for 'Cans for a Cure'

One of my favorite parts of 'Cans for a Cure' is how excited people get to participate. We are thrilled and grateful for any help reaching our goal of collecting 1 MILLION bottles and cans for breast cancer.

A couple of months ago I got a pretty innocent call from Mandee, the troop leader of Sebago Troop 1504. She said the girls wanted to help and could we swing by and get the bottles and cans they collected.

Of course we can. Kylie and I decided that Friday, September 30th, we would go to one of their meetings and collect their bottles and cans. I said we would bring the Q Van.

Weeks passed when Mandee called back concerned what they collected wouldn't fit in the Q Van. Wha? What the heck did they collect?


Sebago Troop 1504

Holy magoly! Now that is one dedicated Girl Scout Troop!! Not only did they collect all these bottles, but then they had a party to bag them all up!


Sebago Troop 1504

That's amazing! We borrowed the Can Van from Bill Dodge early so that we could haul their collection straight to Clynk! What a great way to start 'Cans for a Cure 2016'.

Thank you girls! See you on Friday!