I can totally relate to this video having grown up in the 70's and 80's. How in the world did I ever survive to adulthood? It makes me ask the question: "Do we worry about our kids too much and prevent them from being kids?"

Here's the list of things I did as a kid that should have gotten me killed:

  • Rode a bike without a helmet
  • Grabbed onto the ladder on a boxcar of a stopped train and then waited for it to take off, jumping off when it got to the crossing.
  • Rode my bike 3 miles across town to play in the arcade at LaVerdiere's
  • Rode my sled off a jump (a big rock) and across a busy street. Still no helmet.
  • Took candy from strangers
  • Jumped out of the swing at school at its peak and landed on pavement. Daily.

And I lived to tell the tale. Would I let my kid do these things today? Hell no! I get it. It's a different world now, but wouldn't it be nice to leave your doors unlocked?

What dangerous thing did you do as a kid that you would never let your kids do? Share it in the comments below.