My daughter Roxy was invited to a friend's birthday party last weekend held at The Gorham Fire Department. I wasn't sure at first what a fire house birthday party would entail. It turned out to be a very cool experience for not only Roxy, her friends and my little guy Everett, too! They left with some long lasting memories!

I knew Roxy was going to have a great time playing with her friends but didn't realize how much she would love learning about the Fire Department, seeing the inner workings AND getting to climb into all the fire trucks and rescues! Of course, when I came back to pick-up Roxy from the party, my 4-year old son Everett just HAD to climb up on the trucks, too. The awesome crew at the station gave us a VIP tour and let my little man climb up on the rigs. Who could resist that face?!? Weekend, MADE!

Everett Rovin

I would not have thought to have a kid's party at a firehouse but it's a great idea. Fun AND educational!  Where is the coolest place you've had a birthday party?