Time Magazine decided to name the 13 most influential candy bars ever made. Okay. Well, not to keep you in suspense - Kit Kat is the most influential. Wanna find out why? Kit Kat is the most influential because they are the first candy bar that promoted sharing. So it became a social candy. I can see some of these - but the others...I think Time Magazine missed the mark. Okay, let's run down the rest:

  • 13. Wonka Bar: The promotional stunt for the 1971 movie. The first time a fake candy bar became real and it was such a huge hit, it's still popular today.
  • 12. Milky Way: It was named after a malted milkshake, not the galaxy.
  • 11. Baby Ruth: In 1921,the makers said it was named after President Grover Cleveland’s daughter Ruth (who had died 17 years earlier at the age of 12). But the more obvious association was with new Yankees star Babe Ruth, even though he never got a dime.
  • 10. Nestle Crunch: Before this candy bar in 1937, candy-bar fillings were heavier like nuts and caramel. By using cheap puffed rice, Nestle pretty much said that you could put almost anything into chocolate.
  • 9. Cadbury Milk Chocolate: The Cadbury family’s factory village in Birmingham, England helped inspire Milton S. Hershey to build his own facility in Pennsylvania.
  • 8. Scharffen Berger: The world’s first widely distributed “artisanal” chocolate bar, launched in 1997. It's for the fancy pants chocolate eaters. Which would be why I have never heard of it.
  • 7. Grenada Chocolate: Usually, chocolate is imported from tropical climates to factories in northern countries. Grenada Chocolate, founded in 1999 by an American, processes the candy bars entirely within its home country, helping boost the economy and providing employment for locals.
  • 6. Sperry’s Chicken Dinner: From 1923, was the first chocolate bar to be marketed as nutritious. Can't find it?  That's because it was discontinued in the 60's, its success helped spawn the power bar industry.
  • 5. Snickers: It's been around since 1930, it's the worlds best-selling international confection.
  • 4. Nestle Milk Chocolate: Before this candy bar back in 1875, chocolate was bitter, chewy and dark. They added condensed milk and it made chocolate smoother, sweeter and lasted longer on shelfs. That breakthrough paved the way for almost every modern-day chocolate bar.
  • 3. Toblerone: From 1908, it was the first bar with a filling, although that same year, Hershey’s put almonds in their candy bar.
  • 2. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar: By building his factory right in the middle of dairy land, Milton Hershey had a huge distribution network, turning chocolate into an American obsession. Since 1900, Hershey’s has become one of the world’s most recognizable brands.
  • And as we have revealed...the MOST influential candy bar is Kit Kat.

Seriously?  No 'you got peanut butter in my chocolate?' I'm gonna have to talk to Time Magazine.