What exactly IS the best gift to give someone you haven't dated that long, this holiday season? Gift giving can be awkward when you haven't been dating long. It's hard enough buying for people you DO know, let alone a potential love interest! 

The first thing to question isn't "what do I get them?" It's "do I get them anything at all?" and "how do I convey my feelings without coming on too strong?"

1. Experts say, by all means...GIVE!! Everyone loves to be thought of during the holidays. So don't overthink on to give or not to give...just go with it.

2. Don't overdo...What you give is really important. Two types of gifts can send off the wrong signals: one that is overly expensive and one that is overly intimate. Both may send off the wrong vibe that you are taking things too fast. You want to convey "I was thinking of you" not "let's get married tomorrow!!!"

3. Customizing a gift...Music is universal, by now in your new relationship you have discussed your personal tastes and favorite songs. Making a mix cd of their favorite tunes (as long as they aren't too sappy) is a great way to make someone feel that you put some thought into a gift and you really listened to them and did it all without pushing it.

4. Clothing...Nothing fitted please!!!!!! That could send the wrong message either way. Instead experts say to stick to things like scarves, gloves and hats.

5. Tickets...Just make sure that its something that they will like more than you. Concert tickets that he/she loves will show that you've paid attention to them and will get you on their good side ; )

6. Pictures...Depending on where your relationship is at, this can be a great inexpensive way to express a personal touch to your gift. In fact, Walgreens has some great inexpensive holiday ideas to personalize these. A favorite place they have mentioned, a fun snapshot of you both together during a date you both loved or even a funny goofy pic you took together. This will show you care and that it wasn't a last minute purchase.

The best thing about these gifts is, they send off a vibe that you put time into your gift without making it super high pressure...Hope this helps to make your first holiday less stressful and a home run!!