Imagine if someone in Maine invited everyone to come to his backyard, set up a bar, brought in food trucks, picnic tables, lawn chairs and brought in bands to play. That's Truck Yard in Dallas, Texas, and Maine needs someone to do this.

When searching for things to do in Dallas, we decided to check out 'Truck Yard' which was described as 'A come-as-you-are beer garden and adult playground.' They weren't kidding.

The Treehouse

This place is awesome and something that feels like it would be perfect for Maine with our own local spin, though unlike Dallas it would have to be seasonal. Two bars, food trucks that rotate in and out during the week, live music and all set in what looks like a junkyard with rusty old antiques, cars and license plates. Tables are big, empty cable spools. Chairs are lawn chairs, and the old fashioned nylon webbing type.

Cheesesteak in Dallas?

And the food? There's a cheesesteak stand inside that makes all their sandwiches for just $9.99 and that comes with chips and a pickle. They were amazing, especially for being in Dallas and not Philly.

Check out this drink menu on the table. Why is it upside down?

Why is it upside down?

Because it's not on the's in the table!

Ta dah!

So who wants to open one in Maine? Where would a good place be for a Maine Truck Yard? What items would you put out to decorate? I'll start. Skidder tires!