Leave it to the land down under. The other day, a show in Australia called 'Studio 10' had a guy on who says he can basically read people's minds by listening to cues in their voice He did a stunt called "nail gun roulette". Now you just gotta see what happened! The co-host Sarah Harris randomly put four different nail guns on a rack, one of which was loaded.  Then he asked her questions about each one while he was blindfolded, and started eliminating the ones that DIDN'T have nails in them.  Each time he eliminated one, he had her hold it up to his hand, his arm, or his stomach, and pull the trigger.  He did it WITHOUT getting hurt. But the highlight was the first gun! When Sarah picked it up to shoot it, she held it BACKWARDS, and almost shot herself in the FACE.  It wasn't loaded anyway, but no one knew that.

Kids, don't try this at home. Or work...or school...or ever!