The day after Christmas is a day Meredith will never forget. It was the day when we had that quick heavy snow the covered the roads and made driving treacherous for everyone. Meredith was out in the storm when a driver coming in the opposite direction crossed into her lane and hit her head on, deploying the air bag. Luckily Meredith is okay, but she did blackout briefly. When she came to, a man was helping her who looked just like her grandfather who had passed away. When first responders arrived, the man was no where to be found.

In case you missed Meredith's very emotional telling of the story on Monday's Q Morning Show, take a listen here:

So what do you think? Do you believe it was her grandfather watching over her? Was it an angel? Was it her brain just trying to help calm her? Have you had a similar experience? Share it with us in the comments.