The entire student body and staff at Gorham Middle School got together to create a lip dub to 'Cant Stop the Feeling' with bubbles, beach balls and David Hasselhoff. What more do you need to become an internet sensation? 

The video opens with two students arriving late to class and being warned by the office staff that they need to change their ways because they're going to be in high school soon. They respond by saying all they want to do is dance. The camera moves out past the girls as Justin Timberlake's 'Can't Stop the Feeling' starts and roams the halls and grounds of the school to see students and staff singing along.

Stick around until the end for outtakes from Kristen and Laurie in the office who had some trouble getting their lines down.

You may remember that Gorham Middle School has a history with great videos like this. They went viral back in 2014 with their #gotbuckets video where the kids made extreme trick shots with a toy basketball and hoop, taking a page out of Dude Perfect's book.