The NES Classic Edition may be one of the most sought after gifts this Christmas. After going on sale on Friday, every location sold out in minutes. If you're one of the many excited for it, here's how it plays.

The biggest question I get about this is "Where can I get one?" Well for now, they are sold out everywhere. Amazon sold out their entire inventory in less than one minute. I was VERY lucky to be one of the first three in line for one at Bull Moose when they went on sale Friday morning. They only has three.

I took to Facebook Live on Saturday night, after playing it pretty much all day, to show people what it looked like and answer questions.

If you must have this now, you can find them on eBay selling for as much as $500. Don't do it! If you pay more than $60 your're getting ripped off. Nintendo has assured us there are more NES Classic Edition's on the way.