Maine Governor Paul LePage has been no stranger to controversy. LePage's comments at town halls and in front of the press have generated international headlines. In fact, according to the Portland Press Herald, LePage once again found himself in the crosshairs of the public with his recent comments at a town hall meeting in North Berwick where he declared that drug trafficking suspects in Maine are "90% black or Hispanic".

There will undoubtedly be a lively debate about that comment, but we chose to revisit one of Governor LePage's "greatest hits". It came back in 2013 after a rally when LePage was briefly interviewed by WMTW reporter Paul Merrill. The dispute was with Troy Jackson, who was the assistant Senate Majority Leader and clearly not high in LePage's list of favorite people. You can read further details into their dispute here courtesy of the Portland Press Herald.

What makes this clip just a tad more funny, is the creative way it was presented by YouTube user Spaghetti Johnson IV. If you've ever seen an episode of the popular HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm starring Larry David, then you'll fully understand how well this would fit into the ending of any installment into that series.

Oh, and despite the stern words and non "politically correct" rhetoric, there has been no reported surge in Vaseline sales here in the State of Maine.