This guy is my hero. He took Vine videos of him scaring his girlfriend 22 times. She freaks out over an over again and it's awesome! I do the exact same thing to my girlfriend, but I have a few more ways to scare the !@#$ out of her that I use on a regular basis. 


  • When she's in the bathroom just stand quietly at the door. Very closely and wait for her to open it.
  • When you come home and she's sitting on the couch facing the patio door, just quietly stand at the door until she looks up and sees you. She'll scream. Trust me.
  • Just before you fall asleep in the dark, make gurgling sounds like a zombie to freak her out.
  • Point and say "Oh my god what is that on your neck!"
  • If she's doing something in the bathroom sink, like washing her face or brushing her teeth bent over not looking in the mirror, sneak up behind her and stand there so when she looks up in the mirror she sees you suddenly behind her.
  • When driving suddenly exclaim "Look out! They're coming right at us!"

Try some of those and let me know how it works out. Do you have any great ways to scare someone? Let me know in the comments below.