Waiting tables is not an easy job and when you have to deal with not so pleasant customers, it can make it even tougher. We asked Maine restaurant servers to tell us some of the things they've seen customers do that drive them nuts and we were overwhelmed with responses.

People will often talk about bad service they have had in restaurants, but judging by what Maine restaurant servers have to say, the customers are the worst.



Jaye is coming in hot here, and this was only one of about a half dozen comments she left us.

Kristin has a word for those who are gluten free.


And here are some responses from people who wished to remain anonymous, so we've made up some names for them.

"Jessica" writes...

I have waited tables, and my peeve is when you make sure that customer has all they need and it's correct..but yet they still complain...or are rude. Rude makes me mad and What's worse is when the customer is drunk..that really sucks. Now I wait on High School kids daily, better than a restaurant setting, but the kids still complain...mostly about the food..lol. For what a Waiter or Waitress goes thru on a daily basis..all the tips in the world don't help..they dont make enough hourly to put up with whiny bs.. js..

From "Samantha"...

I get a lot of drunks from time to time I had this one guy he was completely smashed he got his food and went and sat outside on the patio well a hour went by and it was time to close I go out back to clean up and the guy is passed out with vomit everywhere. Then there are the really rude one that u know will give u a had time for example I had people straight up argue with me about items we've never had

And "Rebecca"...

I have been waitressing for 17 years . One of the things thats drives me nuts is when people dont ask for everything at once. For example. A woman and man came in Sunday, gave them coffee, no problem, I walked by and they said water. Ok no problem, walked back by I need more napkins. this is all in the first 5 minutes of sitting down. I bring napkins. Then they say ummm I am ready to order now.(my indies voice) OHHHH IM SORRY you have had me running all over hells creation for just you. SMH... #2: When I ask you what kind of toast or how do you want your eggs, I have a hard time believing I just asked you a rocket science question...Ummm Ummmm.. How did you not know when you got up this am and planned on breakfast how you take your eggs?? hmmmm... Ha ha Thanks for letting me vent!!

So there you have it. Luckily these hard working people still provide service with a smile, but maybe you can help make their jobs a little easier now that you know what bugs them.