The person who made this sandwich had a really great sense of humor. Do you know the meaning of what they wrote on it?

Michele stopped by Anania's on Washington Avenue in Portland on the way home from work to pick up a couple of italians for dinner. When she got them, her's had this drawing on it.

If you've heard me talk about Michele and her eating habits then you might have it figured out. She asked the guy who wrote it what it meant. His response? "It's a cow and they make cheese." Brilliant.

Then I got to thinking, that he didn't draw a picture of a cow, he drew a bull. See the horns? Only dairy cows make cheese and they don't have horns.

How shocked was I to learn that dairy cows DO have horns. This video explains it.

I had no idea! So if your cows on your dairy farm have horns, it's like you just armed your entire herd. You learn something new everyday.