While at a party recently, we got talking about weird things that FREAK you out. And it was really weird...


I think I got it started when I said that crunching on ice freaked me out. But while in the hospital recovering from my hysterectomy - I chewed so much ice it was insane. I cannot do that today.

But that sparked some big dude saying that he gets freaked if ice sticks to his finger. Like when you reach into the ice drawer and your finger might be wet and ice will stick. FREAKED!

I had a friend who could not stand the thought of flour or cornmeal on a board being smoothed around.


She would FREAK!

But my absolute favorite was a woman who hated popping balloons because of the 'dirty air' that was released. That was a new one for me! I loved it. Dirty air!  That one really cracked me up!



So fess up. What is it that is totally weird that freaks you out?