After Alicia Keys decided she wasn't going to wear makeup and some on social media tore her apart, Caroline Cornish of WCSH 6 thought she'd try it too to see what kind of reaction she'd get. 

When Alicia Keys chose not to wear makeup, the internet collectively lost its mind, tweeting some absolutely horrific things about her decision.

Caroline hosted '207' for three shows without going through her usual 20 minute process of applying makeup. The reaction she got came as a surprise as you can see in her story.

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TV journalists, especially women, are constantly barraged in emails and on social media for everything about their appearance, so this experiment was a surprise.

Most people aren't in front of the eyes of a mass audience like Alicia and Caroline, but it makes us wonder, would you go without makeup to "do you?" Share your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter.