I appreciate Oscar-nominated films, classic movies, and stellar pieces of silver screen masterpieces that really make you think. I also enjoy random, semi-unpopular movies to the point of watching them over and over again until I know all of the best lines to quote. Which movies can you watch over and over without getting sick of them?


I moved a lot as a kid and it took a few days to get cable hooked up at our new homes. During these few days of no TV purgatory, I would put Hitch in my TV/DVD combo and let it play on loop all day long. It's easy to watch, it's comforting, and has some funny moments. Plus, I can't trust anyone who doesn't like Will Smith.

Series of Unfortunate Events

The Series of Unfortunate Events has a rockstar cast (hello, Jim Carrey and Meryl Streep) and featured some of the most enchanting sets and scenery I've ever seen. No matter how many times I watch this movie I notice new details of the set.

The Da Vinci Code

I read all the Dan Brown books and I've seen all the movies based on Dan Brown's books. Not everyone thought these movies did the books justice (no movie version ever does) but as long as you consider the books and movies separately, then you'll enjoy both versions of the story. The Da Vinci Code is fast paced and smart, and while some of the history may not be accurate, I still find it interesting.

The Santa Clause

Yeah, I know it's a Christmas movie, but I'm super in love with this film and could watch it over and over again, even after the Christmas season.

Which movies could you watch over and over again?