I got into an organization and cleaning mood this week and decided to tackle the most disorganized area in my home -- this antique dresser.

Say hello to Eloise. She can't resist a photograph.

I used to keep my clothes in this super unique dresser, but in our new condo it's more of a catch-all for random items that don't otherwise have a home. The top drawer became a junk drawer, overflowing with random items to the point that my type-A self had to organize it.

Here's what the junk drawer looks like now.

Before it was this perfectly organized selection of items, I cleaned out loose change, keys for unknown locks, dead batteries, a few screw drivers, some duct tape, a champagne cork, and these light up balloons?

Lori sent me a picture of her junk drawer to prove that I don't actually have a junk drawer. The sight of all that stuff gives me hives.

So what does your junk drawer look like? What's the strangest thing in it?