It seems like no matter what I'm going through in my life, there is a song on the radio that totally relates.  It's a good excuse to crank up the music and belt out the lyrics as loud as I can, regardless if they're right or wrong. I want to share the song that is hitting home for me right now and ask what song is currently the soundtrack to your life. 

My life has been full of crazy up's and down's lately. I've honestly had it all. I won't bore you with the details. What I love is that as I think back on my life, there is a new song on the radio that totally describes what I'm going through. Right now, the song is "Ain't it Fun" by Paramore. 

I've always loved Paramore and their music has gotten me through a lot. Lead singer and songwriter Haley Williams said she wrote the song after making a major move in her life and the problems she thought she left behind only followed her. She actually wrote the song for HERSELF as opposed to someone else, as you might think. Good life lesson.

Please let me know what song is the theme for this time in your life right now by commenting below on our website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages and using the hashtag #songofmylife.