Christmas tends to remind us of our childhood, because what kid doesn't love Christmas? Some of the best Christmas memories are during our childhood. Every Christmas I'm reminded how we used to travel from South Paris to South Casco to my great grandfather's home on Christmas Eve where my family would gather to have our "early" Christmas. We'd have dinner where, of course, I would sit at the kids table and then we'd move into the "Christmas room." There was the tree with tons of presents under it. At least one for everyone.

I always looked forward to going because in less than 24 hours, I would be opening the BIG presents, not the things like the Rubik's Cube I got in 1982. I still remember the smell of my great grandfather's pipe that would hit you as soon as you walked through the door.

That's me with the owner of Blaksmith's, standing in what used to be a bedroom

Today my great grandfather's house is the home to Blacksmith's Winery. The Christmas room is now their tasting room and sales area. I visited for the first time this past summer and it was surreal. The front porch was still as I remembered it, but the inside was totally gutted and renovated to still have a vintage look. The wine is pretty good too!

What's your favorite holiday memory as a child?