You know a storm is on the way when you see windshield wipers in the upright position. It may seem like you're saving the work of digging them out from the snow, but you may pay for that in the long run.

I posted this photo on my Facebook page and a friend of mine pointed out something that you may not realize you're doing when you put your windshield wipers up like this. Mark Ross wrote:

Friendly word of caution : the wiper arm that the blade attaches to has a spring in it. The spring applies tension which holds your wiper to the windshield. When you routinely raise your wiper arm up for extended periods of time you are stretching the spring. Should the spring become used to being stretched it will reduce the tension put on the arm and as a result your wipers ability to clean the windshield is reduced.


I can't prove this theory because I don't do raise my wipers and definitely won't after that advice, but you might want to keep that in mind for the next storm. Which is worse? Digging out your windshield wipers or having to repair the wiper arm later. Your call.