Steelzy's got your tickets every afternoon this week for one of the scariest attractions in Maine. It's Wallingford's Fruit House's Nightmare On The Ridge Halloween Haunted Walk. That's right, it's a walk. And it will scare you silly! Wallingord's has outdone themselves this year. The haunted walk is just part of the experience not to be missed.

Before the haunted walk you can enjoy freshly made donuts, right out of the oven. Sip on some Ricker's Hard Cider for some liquid courage, then hold someone tight as we walk through the haunted corn maze, apple orchards and the SLAUGHTER HOUSE...I mean barn, just a normal, nice barn.

Just look at some of the reviews on their Facebook page:

Make sure you crank The Q afternoons all week to win your tickets and join us this Saturday night for a haunted walk.