It's one of those stories that makes you say "What was she thinking?!?" 24 year-old Cheryl Gilson was stopped by State Police after reaching speeds up to 123 miles per hour on the Maine Turnpike.  She has been arrested and charged with criminal speeding, driving to endanger, and endangering the welfare of children.

In addition to her two children there were three other men in the vehicle who didn't seem to know where they were headed in such a hurry. The "mom-of-the-year" also didn't have an explanation for why she was going so fast.

I can't imagine driving ANYTHING 123 miles per hour nor can I imagine doing that with my kid in the back seat. Luckily no one was hurt, especially these poor kids.

I have a feeling we'll be learning more about this story soon.

UPDATE: Turns out all three men in the car had suspended licenses.