Puppets make things funnier. Let's face it. If it wasn't for his puppets, Jeff Dunham would still be an out of work stand up comedian. So if you're going to get a grammar lesson you might as well get it from Glove and Boots.

Their names however are not Glove and Boots. Fafa is a groundhog and Mario is....well...he's red. They have a YouTube channel where they post hilarious videos of songs, product testing, and top 10 countdowns. I'm a fan of the top 10 single digit numbers.

So this past week the puppets decided to tackle all the poor grammar seen all over Facebook. Do you know the difference between there, their and they're? If not, they'll lay it all out for you so you will no longer be embarrassed when you post "They're bringing there keg to the party. Are you going the be their?"

Oh. You're also taking pictures on your phone wrong.